UX Writing Pieces

The following is a collection of User Experience projects.


Handshake Mock Edits

This was part of my final project for my User Experience certification. I made mock edits to a fictional app called Handshake. The app is designed to help connect Freelancers and Business Owners to work together, as well as make managing payments quick and easy. The original document is linked above, while my edits are linked below.

Checking Text on a Document

Ad Copy for Kids' Choice

This was a volunteer project I completed for Kids' Choice Inc. I took their drafted Ad Copy and brought it up to a professional standard. They were thrilled with the work and provided a recommendation. Their original copy is in the top half of the document, my revised copy is in the bottom.

Psychologist Session

AllyU Topic Pages

This is a project I completed for AllyU. They were about to launch a new web page that served as a self-help/educational resource for 13 topics on mental health and disorders. I wrote the outlines for each off these topics. I have included two of the topic write-ups here.


Kids' Choice Donor Outreach Letter

This is another project I completed for Kids' Choice Inc. They needed compelling copy for a donor outreach letter that simultaneously advertised a Creative Writing Workshop they were hosting.

Notebook and Pen

Kids' Choice Home Page Copy

Kids' Choice liked my work enough to have me back with them to write the copy for their new landing page. They wanted something in the ballpark of 300 words that clearly conveys what Kids' Choice is about while guiding the user towards signing up. Once the page goes live it will be linked here, but for now the raw document with the copy can be found below.